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  • Win the Weekend with Chalk Couture

    What is the Win the Weekend promotion?

    Shop all weekend long for some favorite, retired Transfer designs all at 20% off! Get 20% off select Chalk Transfer designs on my Chalk Site that are only available from Friday, June 4, at 9 am, through Monday, June 7, at 11:59 pm MT, while supplies last! It includes dozens of Transfers – retired favorites that we all loved enough to bring back for a special weekend sale! Transfers for this weekend’s promotion can be found in the Specials & Deals section of my site.

    Additionally, customers with minimum Chalk Site orders of $100 USD/$130 CAD (placed during the promotional period) will be automatically entered to win two A-sized retired mystery Transfers!

    These Transfers are available in limited quantities, so be sure to snag them while supplies last!

    Win the Weekend image showing a chalk smear in gray with black text on top.

    Can Win the Weekend be combined with other monthly promotions?

    YES! If customers want to splurge on nothing but retired Win the Weekend Transfers, the promotion from Creative Kickstart can still be applied. For example, if a Club Couture subscriber spends $75 USD/$100 CAD solely on Transfers from Win the Weekend, they will qualify for 1 FREE Creative Kickstart Transfer. If they reach the $100 USD/$130 CAD Creative Kickstart threshold, they’ll earn TWO free Creative Kickstart Transfers and also be entered in the Win the Weekend giveaway. (Sounds better and better, doesn’t it?)

    But wait, the crazy good deals don’t just end there! Keep reading for a special Bonus (details below)! If Club Couture members spend $100 USD/$130 CAD on any products at all (including items from Win the Weekend), they will get free Creative Kickstart Transfers, be entered in the Win the Weekend giveaway, and get free shipping on their purchase! Club members will be so excited to triple-dip into our fantastic June promotions!

    Win the Weekend, Win Free Transfers

    What is Win the Weekend BONUS?

    Only during the promotion period, Club Couture customers can get FREE SHIPPING with any order subtotaling $100 USD/$130 CAD from Friday, June 4, 12:01 am MT, through Monday, June 7, 11:59 pm MT.

    Can Club members take advantage of Win the Weekend AND Creative Kickstart at the same time?

    YES! Customers can shop to their heart’s content during Win the Weekend and qualify for the Creative Kickstart promotion. For example, if your Club Couture subscribers spend $100 USD/$130 CAD on products only available during Win the Weekend, they can still earn one Creative Kickstart Transfer for free AND enjoy free shipping! Or if they spend $100 USD/$130 CAD, they’ll get two Transfers free with free shipping; if they spend $125 USD/$160 CAD, they can get three Transfers free, etc. You know the drill!

    Want in on the Club Couture fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members! Check out this month’s Club Couture June 2021 Kit project!

    Jill Hagner

  • Club Couture May 2021: Sweet Lemon Grove

    The Club Couture May 2021 kit melts your troubles away like lemon drops with its Sweet Lemon Grove design.

    Recreate this look on the Reclaimed Metal Tray (item S193118). You will receive the B-sized Sweet Lemon Grove Transfer and three Chalkology™ paste single packets in Bumblebee, Meadow, and Storm in the Club Couture May 2021 kit.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members! You can read more about the Club Couture Program here!

    Jill Hagner

  • Springtime Art Gallery

    Springtime welcomes new beginnings and fresh outlooks, and Chalk Couture is helping. This quick springtime art gallery video will egg on your desire to revive your home, inside and out! Take a look at this collection that showcases unique projects and new designs from the now-available Spring/Summer Collection 2021.

    There is cuteness overload! So many adorable designs that you can DIY for your own home, or as a gift for a loved one, in just a few quick minutes!

    Springtime Art Gallery Bunnies

    One of my favorite things from the Spring/Summer 2021 product launch are the Bunny Cutouts! They are so stinkin’ cute and you can create double-sided designs to allow for versatility in your home décor!

    Springtime Art Gallery Cart

    Chalk Couture can be used to create such a wide variety of gift items and DIY home décor. Books with decorated spines, metal trays, mugs, journals and more! It really is EASY to create your own works of art for gifting or decorating your home.

  • Club Couture February 2021: Go Confidently

    The Club Couture February 2021 – Go Confidently design is adorable! The exclusive Go Confidently transfer pairs super cute arrows with the empowering message to follow your dreams.

    This Club Couture February 2021 kit points you in the right direction; the sentiment’s modern boho styling, featuring plentiful purposeful arrows for accents, will let your heart soar where it will.

    Recreate this look on the 9” x 12” Couture Boutique Board Odette Black Frame (item S193113), or any 9” x 12” surface that beckons you. You will receive the B-sized Go Confidently Transfer and three Chalkology paste single packets in Black Velvet, Shimmer Gold, and Currant Jam.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members!

  • Chalk Couture is #1 in Fun for DIY Crafters!

    So what is Chalk Couture?

    Chalk Couture is a creative, new company designed to easily help you transform your chalkboards into statement pieces. Featuring stunning chalkboards, reusable adhesive silkscreens in various styles, and 50 gorgeous colors of Chalkology Paste, you can create beautiful designs that are smudge-proof, yet removable later with water and a microfiber towel. Chalk Couture’s Chalk Transfers are easy, convenient, and there are so many cute designs to choose from!

    Our Couture Ink debuted in 2018 in 15 gorgeous colors to create more permanent designs on surfaces such as fabric, apparel, canvas and more. It was a huge hit and has expanded to over 24 colors for 2022! You can opt to create more permanent designs by using our Couture Inks and compatible surfaces to create pillows, canvases, kitchen towels… the options are endless! You won’t find a lack of color options no matter which creative medium (paste or ink) you opt to use. Check out my Ink Tips for Successful Heat Setting post to help you set your ink projects.

    Chalk Couture Designer

    For the experienced crafter, we offer a business opportunity or simply an outlet for cutting edge crafting supplies. Create easy, unique gifts to sell at your craft shows or in your Etsy shop. If you’re a natural instructor, conduct a “make and take” class for a group to create their own special projects.

    For the novice crafter, we’ll help you improve your home décor in minutes! Purchase our creative products at a discount to provide you with the tools to take your personal home décor to the next level. No matter what your interest level is, we’ve got a place for you at Chalk Couture! Read more about Designer Perks and the benefits of becoming a Designer. Connect with me and I’ll answer any questions you have.

    Chalk Couture Club Couture

    Want to be a fantabulous customer who updates your home decor in minutes and has access to exclusive sales and discounts? Then our Club Couture program might be just the thing for you! You’ll receive and exclusive B-size transfer and 3 coordinating Paste Singles every single month to create a fun project every month. You’ll look forward to your monthly delivery to update your personal home decor or to gift a special DIY craft you that you made. I love receiving that envelope in the mail every month… it’s happy mail! Check out the Club Couture program and see if it’s right for you!

    Chalk Couture Customer

    The love of Chalk Couture projects almost always starts with becoming a customer first! Whether you want to create the occasional DIY home decor project or start a home-based business, you’ll have the love of crafting and making pretty things as your baseline. We make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking home decor items in just minutes!

    Find more things to love at my Chalk Couture Chalk Site 💕

    Premier Founding Designer, #417

    What is Chalk Couture