3 Proven Paste Tips for Chalkology Paste

Paste Tips

So you have your favorite jars of Chalk Couture Chalology paste, but you’ve noticed that sometimes the consistency of the paste changes over time and use. Here are some paste tips to help you keep your beloved paste colors in tip top shape.

Generally, you want your Chalkology Paste to be about the consistency of yogurt. If it is getting thicker… simply add a little water and stir.

3 Proven Paste Tips:

  1. Store your paste jars right side up. The ingredients for Chalkology paste may separate just a bit between uses and you want to ensure that the oils stay in the jar. If using your pastes fairly regularly, you may not notice this happen much… but if you don’t use a color or two for a while, just give it a quick stir to mix up the ingredients again for the perfect paste.
  2. Mix your paste. Keep your Chalkology Paste fresh by using your Multi-Tool to clean the sides of the jar, then adding a little water before sealing.
  3. Put the lids on. When you are deep into your creative process, you may forget that you’ve left the lids off of all of the colors you are using. For any colors you are not actively using, put the lid back on until you are ready to use it again. Don’t fret… the paste won’t dry up like an egg on a sidewalk in triple digit weather… but just be mindful not to leave the lids off for hours on end.

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For 2021, our Chalkology Paste took on an updated formula designed to dry slightly slower and have a creamy dreamy consistency! Learn all about the Creamy Dreamy Chalkology Paste! We are thrilled with the results and the new paste formula is easier for both new and seasoned designers alike to use. The new formula and the paste tips above will help you keep your Chalkology Paste in tip-top shape!