1 Amazing Creamy Dreamy Paste

Creamy Dreamy Paste

Without further ado, our new creamy dreamy paste is here and it’s everything it’s chalked up to be! If you’ve used Chalkology Paste products for awhile, you know that sometimes, the consistency of the paste varied and over time, it could be difficult to maintain that same consistency as the product aged.

NEW Creamy Dreamy Formula

The creamy dreamy paste is washable when wet and offers a hard, matte finish when dry. Looks delicious, doesn’t it? (it’s not edible) This NEW formula improves upon the ever-popular Chalkology Paste by ensuring a more creamy consistency than before.

When creating your spectacular home décor pieces, the new creamy dreamy paste takes just a little longer to dry than it did previously. Trust me… that’s a FANTASTIC THING when you want to use more than one color and/or work on a larger transfer design. It dries to the same smudge-proof state as it always has and washes off just as easy as before with water!

How do I know which formula I have?

That’s an easy one to answer! Just look for the little teal “New Formula” sticker on your Chalkology Paste container lid. If you have the little teal label, you’ll know you’ve got the new creamy dreamy paste!

Creamy Dreamy Paste Lid

I just know you’ll love using this new formula as much as I do and can’t wait to hear how you love it too! If you haven’t read my 3 Proven Paste Tips post, check it out for tips on how to maintain your creamy dreamy paste over time!

Jill Hagner