Crafty Canadians… 5 quick days!

Crafty Canadian

Just 5 days left to go for the crafty Canadians!

I am so excited that we are almost in Canada! Chalk Couture is launching the opportunity to these four areas (to start) on Monday, May 6: British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan. If you reside in one of those 4 provinces… keep reading!

Can I still pre-register?

Yes, you may still pre-register to join Chalk Couture to get all the latest info and email notifications for launch! Note that “pre-registration” is NOT enrollment. Canadians will not have to agree to the Designer Agreement nor purchase a Starter Kit at this time. Simply fill out a short PRE-REGISTRATION FORM HERE with your Sponsor ID (mine is 417), and you’re all set! I will get a notification and can add you to my group that has training info and updates.

Additionally, you will receive an email directly from corporate to officially join Chalk Couture on Monday, May 6th with a special link to join. When you receive that email, that is when you will officially enroll to become a designer, purchase your starter kit and will become one of the first Designers in Canada!

This is truly an AMAZING opportunity to be one of the first Chalk Couture Designers in Canada! We are different, we are creative, we are fun… we are Chalk Couture! Crafty Canadians unite!

Read more on what you can you do While You Wait.

Jill Hagner
Premier Founding Designer, 417

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