While You Wait – 2 Important Things

While You Wait

What should you do next while you wait?

So you’ve taken the step to pre-register to become a Chalk Couture designer… CONGRATULATIONS! This is truly an exciting time for YOU! If you didn’t pre-register yet… fill out a short REGISTRATION FORM HERE with your Sponsor ID (mine is 417), and you’re all set!

Now what?
It’s exciting to think about becoming one of the FIRST designers in Canada! But wait… there’s more!

Build a team!
After you pre-register to become a Chalk Couture Designer in Canada… you will be issued a temporary ID. While you wait for things to open up fully, you can use your temporary ID to register other Canadians interested in the Chalk Couture opportunity! That’s right… while you wait for your official invitation to join (ETA in March/April), you can sign people up and begin building a team! That means that once you officially sign up as a designer, you could potentially have an entire team of Designers ready to join you on this journey! That is such a tremendous opportunity!

Hit the ground running!
In addition to me providing you with information and training,  the corporate team at Chalk Central is creating an exclusive Facebook group to support Canadians who pre-register. In that group, they’ll provide insights and support on product, policies and procedures, websites, ordering, etc. to help prepare prospective Designers for official enrollment when they can begin actively selling and sponsoring. They’ll also support them with live video, calls, and emails during the pre-registration period. You will have tons of information to get you prepared to launch your business and be one of the first Designers in Canada!

So…. the two things you can do immediately while you wait are:

  1. Build a Team: begin sharing the opportunity with other Canadians that love crafty things.
  2. Join Facebook Group: join the exclusive Facebook group Chalk Central is creating to support Canadians during this pre-registration period.

Check out what the Easy DIY Home Decor craze is about! I can’t wait to meet you and I’m so excited that we’re on our way to YOU!

Jill Hagner
Premier Founding Designer, 417

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