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  • Font Fun 2023 Collection

    Make it fun, make it font-astic! Create what speaks to you and design your home to be completely your own with messages and sentiments that are individual to you.

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  • 3 Creative Kickstart Transfers

    What is Creative Kickstart?

    Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time for a new start with our June promotion. What better way to kickstart your creativity than with new, inspiring projects made from limited-time products?! We’ve developed three fresh, new B-sized Creative Kickstart Transfers that pair well together for an overall kitchen (or outdoor dining, coffee fan attire, office snack station) refresh!

    Show me those adorable promotional Transfers!

    All three Creative Kickstart Transfers are B-sized and are designed to work with each other, coordinating and pairing like magic. They are SUPER cute and I can’t wait to create some adorable projects with them!

    How can I get the Transfers from this promotion?

    You can purchase these Transfers in the Specials & Deals section of my Chalk Site, or earn them FREE with qualifying orders.

    • When you spend $75 USD/$100 CAD* you get 1 Transfer FREE.
    • When you spend $100 USD/$130 CAD* you get 2 Transfers FREE.
    • When you spend $125 USD/$160 CAD* you get 3 Transfers FREE.

    *Order subtotal before taxes and shipping.

    Creative Kickstart Image

    What are the dates of this promotion?

    The promotion will be live on Chalk Sites June 1, 2021, at 9 am MT, through June 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm MT, or while supplies last.

    Can this promotion be combined with other monthly promotions?

    YES! If customers want to splurge on nothing but retired Win the Weekend Transfers, the promotion from Creative Kickstart can still be applied. For example, if a Club Couture subscriber spends $75 USD/$100 CAD solely on Transfers from Win the Weekend, they will qualify for 1 FREE Creative Kickstart Transfer. If they reach the $100 USD/$130 CAD Creative Kickstart threshold, they’ll earn TWO free Creative Kickstart Transfers and also be entered in the Win the Weekend giveaway. (Sounds better and better, doesn’t it?)

    Want in on the Club Couture fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members! Check out this month’s Club Couture June 2021 Kit project!

    If you wish to take it a step further, join the Chalk Couture family and become a Designer! Share your love of easy DIY home décor with others, earn an income, and cultivate relationships with other like-minded crafty men and women. Read more about becoming a Designer HERE.

    Whatever your creative goals are this month, Chalk Couture can help you boost your creativity and kickstart your summer DIY projects!

    Jill Hagner

  • Club Couture June 2021: A Beautiful Thing

    The Club Couture June 2021 kit is such a sweet, summery design that makes me want to it out on the patio on a sunlit morning with a cup of coffee.

    What do you get when you pair a flowy, curvy sentiment with a gentle nod to Scandinavian design elements? You get a beautiful thing that is darn-near perfect! (Because as they say, “a beautiful thing is never perfect.”) Pairing the sentiment with the various cut-apart elements is an easy way to breathe life into this Transfer.

    Watch as we create this gorgeous piece with our classic Chalkology Paste in Bright White, and the three Paste Singles included in your Club Couture shipment. You can bring this bright and summery design together in all the most perfect ways and embrace the beauty of homemade.

    Recreate this look on the Sylvie White Frame (Black, 9″ x 12″) (item S193102) using Chalkology Paste in Bright White (item P181121). You will receive the B-sized A Beautiful Thing Transfer and three Chalkology paste single packets in Couture Coral, Daffodil, and Eucalyptus in the Club Couture June 2021 kit.

    Club Couture June 2021

    The sweet hummingbird and floral accents are great for watercoloring techniques. Chalk the element, then add a bit of water to your paste, mix together, and paint inside the lines with a paintbrush.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members! You can read more about the Club Couture Program here!

    Jill Hagner

  • Club Couture May 2021: Sweet Lemon Grove

    The Club Couture May 2021 kit melts your troubles away like lemon drops with its Sweet Lemon Grove design.

    Recreate this look on the Reclaimed Metal Tray (item S193118). You will receive the B-sized Sweet Lemon Grove Transfer and three Chalkology™ paste single packets in Bumblebee, Meadow, and Storm in the Club Couture May 2021 kit.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members! You can read more about the Club Couture Program here!

    Jill Hagner

  • Springtime Art Gallery

    Springtime welcomes new beginnings and fresh outlooks, and Chalk Couture is helping. This quick springtime art gallery video will egg on your desire to revive your home, inside and out! Take a look at this collection that showcases unique projects and new designs from the now-available Spring/Summer Collection 2021.

    There is cuteness overload! So many adorable designs that you can DIY for your own home, or as a gift for a loved one, in just a few quick minutes!

    Springtime Art Gallery Bunnies

    One of my favorite things from the Spring/Summer 2021 product launch are the Bunny Cutouts! They are so stinkin’ cute and you can create double-sided designs to allow for versatility in your home décor!

    Springtime Art Gallery Cart

    Chalk Couture can be used to create such a wide variety of gift items and DIY home décor. Books with decorated spines, metal trays, mugs, journals and more! It really is EASY to create your own works of art for gifting or decorating your home.

  • Club Couture February 2021: Go Confidently

    The Club Couture February 2021 – Go Confidently design is adorable! The exclusive Go Confidently transfer pairs super cute arrows with the empowering message to follow your dreams.

    This Club Couture February 2021 kit points you in the right direction; the sentiment’s modern boho styling, featuring plentiful purposeful arrows for accents, will let your heart soar where it will.

    Recreate this look on the 9” x 12” Couture Boutique Board Odette Black Frame (item S193113), or any 9” x 12” surface that beckons you. You will receive the B-sized Go Confidently Transfer and three Chalkology paste single packets in Black Velvet, Shimmer Gold, and Currant Jam.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members!

  • Stunning Starter Kit Unboxing

    Who knew this one sleek box could hold so many treasures? You’ll find out here what all the goodies are when you sign up for your Starter Kit to begin your unprecedented journey as a new Designer. This kit includes many useful tools, including amazing products, the Designer Start-Up Guide, customer thank you cards, an apron, and the latest catalog. Ready to JOIN the fun? 

    The starter kit includes the following:

    Designer Start-Up Guide
    Spring/Summer Collection 2021 Catalog
    Thank you cards (12-pack)
    Chalk Couture™ Apron
    Small Squeegee
    7 Chalk Transfer™ designs (various sizes, including Club Couture™ Transfer of the month)
    5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 US fl. oz. jars)
    1 Couture Gallery™ Aiden White Frame (black, 9” x 12”)
    1 Couture Boutique™ Board & Base (5” x 7”)
    1 Couture Boutique Chalkable Chips (black, 12-pack, 3”, round)

    All the fun, clever, reusable products you see here come together for only $99 USD/$127 CAD (retail value of $250 USD/$340 CAD).

    Starter Kit SPSU 2021

    The Benefits of becoming a Chalk Couture Designer:

    Our Compensation Plan is the best in the business!

    • Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.
    • Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.
    • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.
    • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

    You get some sweet, you get some savory, and you get everything in between with all the goodies in this Starter Kit, with coordinating Chalkology™ Pastes that will have you chalking for days. Go wild! Practice. Re-do. Perfect it. Do it again! Whatever! And either relish it yourself or feel free to sell your finished goods. There’s no wrong way to use up all these beautiful things in your kit, but at least this gives you a good start. Get Started TODAY and become a part of the DIY home décor revolution!

    Jill Hagner