Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit

This adorable Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit is the perfect way for you to try Chalk Couture products at 20% off! If you’ve never tried chalking before, snap up this adorable kit (available only in June) and learn why our products are all the crazy in creating easy, DIY home décor in just minutes!

How easy is it? Check out this Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit how-to video:

Chalking the Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit is done in just 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Fuzz Your Transfer

Fuzz your transfer using our Fuzzing Cloth, or a clean towel. Lay the Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit transfer down on the cloth and pull it up. Repeat this a few times. Why? It puts a fine layer of “fuzz” or lint on the sticky side of your transfer surface. This helps it from sticking too much to your surface. Pro Tip: this is especially helpful on very smooth surfaces like glass.

Fuzz Your Transfer

Step 2: Place Your Transfer

Position your Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit transfer on your surface where you want it to be. Pro Tip: not all projects call for the transfer to be positioned perfectly centered. Sometimes you want to use just a portion of a transfer design as an accent design and will place it creatively off-center.

Place Your Transfer

Step 3: Prepare Your Chalk Paste

Choose your paste color of choice, and knead the Paste Single packet a little bit to ensure it is ready for chalking. Cut the corner of the Paste Single packet off and work the paste out on to one of our Color Trays.

Step 4: Chalk Your Project

Chalk your transfer using the colors you’ve chosen. Be sure to use a separate squeegee for each color so you don’t inadvertently mix colors. If you don’t have more than one squeegee, simply chalk one color at a time and either wipe off or wash your squeegee in between colors. Pro Tip: try to work quickly enough (not rushed) that your chalk paste does not dry. If your chalk paste dries, you may end up with a more distressed look than you wanted. In general, a project like this should take you no more than a couple of minutes to chalk.

Step 5: Peel Your Transfer

Now you are at the exciting moment where you can peel up your transfer to reveal your adorable Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit project! Slowly peel the edge of the transfer up and away from your surface and relish in your success! You’ve now made a quick and easy DIY project to gift to a friend or keep for yourself. Watch out though… it’s addicting! 

What’s included in the Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit?

The Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit (item Z222179) is available for the month of June 2022, while supplies last. This kit includes the following:

What’s the price?
$22.76 USD/$29.96 CAD. That’s 20% off the original retail value!

When is it available?
This kit is available on my chalk site for the month of June 2022 only, while supplies last.

Where can I get the Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit?
Try-Me Kits are featured under both “Specials” and “Kits” in the “Shop” category of my Chalk Site. Click HERE to go straight to the Love Knows No End Try-Me Kit product page.

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Jill Hagner

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