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  • 6 Fabulous Complete Try Me Kits

    The Try Me Kits are the perfect way to try out a complete Chalk Couture project with an affordable, easy to order bundle. The kits are packaged with everything you need to create the finished project… and better yet, the bundles are priced at 20% off retail price! Sounds great right?

    Shop all of the Chalk Couture Kits, including the Try Me Kits, to see what pre-selected bundles suit your fancy. There are 6 Try Me Kits available to choose from as well as 4 other kits that bundle tools, surfaces and accessories to help craft your creations like a pro! Flip through our Spring Summer Collection 2021 catalog online for all the fun transfer designs and surfaces available.

    Try Me Kit: Country Kitchen

    Take a look at how fun and simple it is to create this fun rustic kitchen sign. This nod to country farmhouse style is so cute and so on trend right now! The Guava and Storm Chalkology Paste Singles add a touch of warmth and color. This completed sign will be just the right touch of bold and bright for any kitchen. This is a complete Chalk Couture project (item Z211104B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: Country Kitchen - contents

    Try Me Kit: This House Was Clean

    In under a minute you can watch how to claim your space with simply made décor: Sometimes real life is just real life! Announce it unapologetically in a cute and modern handwritten, skinny typeface font, “This house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” And whether “yesterday” actually means yesterday—or perhaps your house hasn’t been clean in a bit longer than that—we don’t mind. We just love your cute sign! This is a complete Chalk Couture project (item Z211102B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: This House Was Clean - contents

    Try Me Kit: All Is Safely Gathered In

    This farm-inspired display piece keeps your eye moving and adds visual interest to any space, without being overly busy. Completing this project in classy colors like Pesto and Shimmer Gold will bring elegance to your space as you look around and happily realize that “All Is Safely Gathered In.” This is a complete Chalk Couture project (item Z211105B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: All Is Safely Gathered In - contents

    Try Me Kit: Sun, Sky, Sea & Sand

    You won’t see anything else on here that’s as warm as this: Can you hear the gentle, peaceful call of the sun, sky, sea, and sand? They’re calling you to a peaceful place, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Answer the call and respect the serenity by setting to work on the Sun, Sky, Sea & Sand Try-Me Kit. A bright and fun project, on a reusable surface, that will help you answer the crafty call of it all. This is a complete project (item Z211101B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: Sun, Sky Sea, Sand - contents

    Try Me Kit: Yay for Today

    Tune in to learn how to put a little umph in your day by creating a fun sign that uses the “Yay For Today” sentiment. Do you ever have a day that just makes you stand up and cheer? For those days (and the days you wish felt like that), you’ll want to display this classic Double-Sided Box Frame, completed in one of our very favorite color combos: Guava and Storm. Plus, this surface is reversible, which means with just a few additional supplies (ask me), you can create another project on the back side for any other special occasion or holiday you love to decorate for! This is a complete Chalk Couture project (item Z211106B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: Yay for Today - contents

    Try Me Kit: Best Family Ever

    Is there really any argument that you’ve got the best family ever? If you’ve got it, flaunt it with this cute to-the-point sign. Three short sentences and some accent greenery make a bold yet friendly statement that your family rocks and you know it. And for those times at home that family members may be acting less-than-best, just point to the sign and remind them who they are and how much you love them. That’ll whip them right into shape, we know it! This is a complete Chalk Couture project (item Z211103B) you can order at 20% off retail price!

    This kit includes everything you need, which is one each of the following:

    Try Me Kit: Best. Family. Ever - contents

  • Club Couture February 2021: Go Confidently

    The Club Couture February 2021 – Go Confidently design is adorable! The exclusive Go Confidently transfer pairs super cute arrows with the empowering message to follow your dreams.

    This Club Couture February 2021 kit points you in the right direction; the sentiment’s modern boho styling, featuring plentiful purposeful arrows for accents, will let your heart soar where it will.

    Recreate this look on the 9” x 12” Couture Boutique Board Odette Black Frame (item S193113), or any 9” x 12” surface that beckons you. You will receive the B-sized Go Confidently Transfer and three Chalkology paste single packets in Black Velvet, Shimmer Gold, and Currant Jam.

    Want in on the fun? Get monthly goodies delivered to your door by subscribing today at: to start getting EXCLUSIVE designs only available to Club Couture members!

  • Stunning Starter Kit Unboxing

    Who knew this one sleek box could hold so many treasures? You’ll find out here what all the goodies are when you sign up for your Starter Kit to begin your unprecedented journey as a new Designer. This kit includes many useful tools, including amazing products, the Designer Start-Up Guide, customer thank you cards, an apron, and the latest catalog. Ready to JOIN the fun? 

    The starter kit includes the following:

    Designer Start-Up Guide
    Spring/Summer Collection 2021 Catalog
    Thank you cards (12-pack)
    Chalk Couture™ Apron
    Small Squeegee
    7 Chalk Transfer™ designs (various sizes, including Club Couture™ Transfer of the month)
    5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 US fl. oz. jars)
    1 Couture Gallery™ Aiden White Frame (black, 9” x 12”)
    1 Couture Boutique™ Board & Base (5” x 7”)
    1 Couture Boutique Chalkable Chips (black, 12-pack, 3”, round)

    All the fun, clever, reusable products you see here come together for only $99 USD/$127 CAD (retail value of $250 USD/$340 CAD).

    Starter Kit SPSU 2021

    The Benefits of becoming a Chalk Couture Designer:

    Our Compensation Plan is the best in the business!

    • Earn up to 40% on all inventory you sell at the retail price.
    • Earn up to 25% on all Chalk Site website sales.
    • Build and grow your Team to achieve your dream.
    • Strive for product credit, bonuses, and incentives!

    You get some sweet, you get some savory, and you get everything in between with all the goodies in this Starter Kit, with coordinating Chalkology™ Pastes that will have you chalking for days. Go wild! Practice. Re-do. Perfect it. Do it again! Whatever! And either relish it yourself or feel free to sell your finished goods. There’s no wrong way to use up all these beautiful things in your kit, but at least this gives you a good start. Get Started TODAY and become a part of the DIY home décor revolution!

    Jill Hagner

  • Spring Summer Sneak Peek

    SQUEAL! Want a Spring Summer sneak peek at the new collection? It’s that time of year for a new host of new transfer designs, surfaces, and paste/ink colors to inspire us for another season (or two) of chalky goodness! Watch this SPRING SUMMER SNEAK PEEK video into the Spring Summer 2021 Catalog and get ready to make a wish list!

    Products for the Spring Summer 2021 Collection launch will be released in two waves. Surfaces will release on February 2nd and the rest (tools, surfaces, paste and ink) will release on February 16th.

    What do you spy with your little eye that you just can’t wait to get your hands on? 🙂 So many wonderful options like the Vintage Truck Cutouts and Bunny Cutouts that you can use to create double-sided designs. Design two sides for one season, or change up the looks for multiple holiday uses in one product! The continued farmhouse designs, new florals and patterns, and updated transfer designs and colors that will really help you create a personalized look for your home. Check out my Chalk Site to see the current product availability for our newest collection.

  • Just Like This Transfer

    Big love, small abode. The size of your home has nothing to do with the size of your love.

    Find more to love at my Chalk Site 💕

    Featured Products:
    Just Like This Transfer
    Lumbar Pillow Cover (12″ x 24″)
    Chalkology Ink: Mauvelous, Storm

  • Refrain from Whining Transfer

    Snarky. Cheeky. True. The gentle reminder to “Refrain From Whining” applies to kids, adults, coworkers, customers, and more.

    This old-fashioned font gives your project a vintage feel with modern sass. Chalk it on a Board & Pillar stand for a piece that will stand up to even the cutest whiners.

    Featured Products:
    Refrain from Whining Transfer
    Couture Boutique™ Board & Pillar Stand (5½” × 7½”)
    Chalkology Paste Bright White
    Chalkology Paste Candy Apple

  • How-To: You’ll Never Know Dear

    Will you ever know, dear, how easy it is to use Chalk Couture™ products? We make it easy to be successful in your DIYs with helpful tools like our registration marks. Tiny target-like marks in the silkscreen Transfers help you to line up layers and elements. Spread your chalk paste through the registration marks on the first layer of the rainbow, and then line up the marks on each subsequent layer. A wet Board Eraser will wipe those marks right off when you’re done. And, ta-da! You’ve DIY’d a rainbow that even the fanciest unicorn would “ooh” and “ahh” over!

    Featured Products:
    You’ll Never Know Dear Transfer
    Sylvie White Frame (12″ x 18″)

    Chalkology Paste: Bright White, Daffodil, Raspberry Sorbet, Sage