Cleaning Transfers

Cleaning your Chalk Couture transfers is simple and easy! I like to work with either a glass 9×13 baking dish or a large, deep baking pan. Fill the pan or dish with enough water that you can submerge your transfer and clean the paste or ink off. Use your fingers, or a board eraser (available in my shop) to gently rub the surface of the transfer on both sides. Once you remove the paste/ink… place the transfer sticky side up on a paper towel or a cloth towel to dry. Once the transfer is dried fully… place the transfer back on to the shiny side of the backer paper.

PRO TIP: Mark the back of the backer paper with a sharpie prior to using the transfers. This helps you to pair up the transfer to the right backer piece and also to make sure you affix the transfer back on to the correct side of the backer paper.

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