Useful Tips for Chalk Couture

Tips for Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture is super easy to use and you’ll get the hang of it quickly… especially with a few tips to get you started! Our products remove the need for artistic ability and provide you with the tools to create beautiful, high-end DIY home décor items you will be proud to display in your own home or give as gifts to your friends and loved ones. 

Chalk Couture Tips

I have a few pointers to help you get started on the right foot. Click on the sub-menus underneath “Tips” to view helpful hints for different products.

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.
~Albert Einstein

Chalk happens. If you make a mistake using Chalkology Paste on a chalkboard… simply wash off the design and try again! It’s really that simple! Spritz a little water onto the chalkboard surface and let it sit on the Chalkology Paste for about 30-60 seconds. Using a microfiber towel, wipe the water and paste off the surface. It’s that easy to clear your reusable chalkboard surfaces for a new, exciting Chalk Couture creation. 

Designer FAQs

If you’re a new Designer seeking quick pointers about the business… definitely check out the handful of helpful videos for new Chalk Couture Designers right on our website! Visit my Become a Designer page where there are half a dozen videos addressing some of the top frequently asked questions.