About Me

About Jill… Premiere Founding Designer, aka Chief Chalk Camper

I’m Jill, a no-nonsense girl and lover of life. Join me on the journey to create beautiful, easy, DIY home décor. With over 25 years experience in Marketing, I have become a seasoned leader for my team. I earned my graduate degree in 2002 and have extensive experience in corporate marketing, so I am full of creative business ideas to help you tailor your own business style.

Chalk Couture launched in October of 2016 and “WOW,” the response has been amazing! Who knew that so many people like me, wanted to create customizable home décor. With Chalk Couture products you can easily change or update your chalkboard designs within minutes as the seasons change or as your mood dictates!

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
–Amelia Earhart

Some Benefits of Choosing Me as Your Mentor:

  1. SUPPORT: I offer a wealth of professional experience to help my team members achieve their personal goals. This business is flexible for ALL Designers to grow their businesses at their own pace. I will be available for you every step of the way!.
  2. TRAINING: I will help you gain the knowledge you need to start and grow your Chalk Couture business. I will provide you with useful tools to help you achieve success. Together we will devise a plan for you to embrace your business and achieve your goals!
  3. LEADERSHIP: It’s important that you align yourself with a go-getter who will help guide you along your journey. I am a strong mentor who can assist you from any location – distance is truly not a factor with the right leader.

Whether you wish to try out some transfer designs to enhance your inner interior decorator style, or to join the team to start your own creative business… I am here as a Premiere Founding Designer to assist you with all of your Chalk Couture needs!


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